Auditing the Food and Beverage Operation
An Operational Audit Approach
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Hans Steiniger, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor
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Auditing the Food and Beverage Operation, An Operational Audit Approach was designed to provide the reader with a way to develop operational auditing skills specific to auditing restaurants. Besides auditing food and beverage operations, there are many fields related to auditing and accounting in the restaurant industry. The reader can broaden his business knowledge by consulting experts in related fields.

The auditor can increase value to his employer by adding to his knowledge of business disciplines. This is the purpose of Continuing Professional Education. In an effort to provide the reader with an opportunity to add additional tools to his arsenal, links are provided on the left to other business websites. The reader is encouraged to visit these websites to see what other information is available to him and use those that are of interest to him.


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